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At last some good news. From Saturday the 23 May the club will be open for ‘Exercise Sailing’.

Accompanying this update is the document Covid 19 Exercise Sailing at WRSC’ - A quick guide to the principles and procedures. Please read this asap.

You are by now all aware of the current Government guidelines and rules, and the advice from the RYA, all of which were detailed in our Update 4 issued to members on 13 May. These are constantly under review and we will adhere fully to any subsequent changes introduced by the Government.

We are taking care to minimise the risk of infection transmission and as also stated in Update 4, we have formed a WRSC Covid 19 Team which I am pleased to say has now conducted a risk assessment based on RYA guidance. This has resulted in the Committee’s decision to go ahead cautiously with ‘exercise sailing’ at the club. The WRSC Covid 19 team will continue to meet regularly to review the principles and procedures in the light of advice and experience.

So how will ‘exercise sailing’ work at WRSC?  

·        We are not initially stipulating specific days and times for you to ‘exercise’ sail. However, in the spirit of demonstrating our adherence to allowable ‘personal exercise’ and not creating a ‘social gathering’, we are encouraging you to choose one session per day to exercise, either morning or afternoon or evening. If there are low numbers in attendance you may exercise for an additional session.

·        We are not initially stipulating the number of boats that can sail, but given that many members are now back at work we suspect that weekends will be busiest, so please be mindful to give others the chance to exercise once you have used your chosen session.

·        We expect all sailors to sign the attendance register in the club house and for each session, we need you to identify a volunteer to be the responsible Covid 19 person for that session (this will help ensure the principles and procedures are followed). The register will enable future contact tracing if anyone contracts the virus in the future. The register should be placed in the Exercise Sailing Session file provided.

·        We will run with the principles and procedures for a few weeks as a pilot, so please bear with any challenges or teething troubles whilst we all get used to this new approach to sailing at the club.

·        Covid 19 is very serious and so please do not turn up if you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell

·        Only sail well within your capability and if weather conditions are suitable ‘IF IN DOUBT DON’T GO OUT’ especially as there will be no safety boat cover.

If I have questions or concerns who do I contact?

We are very mindful that members will have questions and concerns. In the first instance please raise any of these by e-mailing Tim Hattersley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sailing is a fantastic form of exercise and a great source of well-being so in these difficult times it will be good to get on the water again. Enjoy - Stay alert and stay safe.

WRSC Committee


Covid 19 Exercise Sailing at WRSC’ - A quick guide to the principles and procedures

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