The classes with Fleet racing at WRSC are:

  • Solo
  • Laser (standard, radial and 4.7)

These classes are determined at each AGM and are the focal point of the club. We recommend you stick to one of these classes as they provide great racing for everyone.

Other boats sail in the handicap fleet. The sailing sub-committee have targeted some of the classes sailed in the handicap fleet with the aim of developing them into classes with fleet racing. These are known as developing fleets which are:

  • RS200
  • Laser 2000
  • Topper
  • Optimist

The classes with fleet racing and the developing fleets provide a broad spectrum of different options and we recommend you stick to one of these. You will get a lot of help from other sailors in those classes if you are unsure about anything.

Any boats wishing to sail in the handicap fleet must obtain permission from the sailing sub-committee. This isn't usually a problem but there are boats that are not suitable (an 18' skiff won't fit through the gate!).

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