West Riding Sailing Club became an RYA recognised training centre in 2009 and can now offer a range of dinghy sailing and power boat courses. If you have any questions or would like to book on a course then please use this form.

You can read more about the courses on offer here.

If you interested in learning to sail please watch the following video.


The next dates for RYA training are:


If you would like to book then please contact Tom Butterworth here.


Single Member

The cost for RYA Level 1 training is £40 per person. You must be a member of West Riding Sailing Club to take advantage of this low cost and membership fees are £210 per year for a single member. So the total cost for RYA Level 1 Training for new members is £250. RYA Level 2 can be done for a further £40.

Family Membership

If there are several members of your family who would like to learn to sail then family membership is the cheapest option. Family membership is open to families or couples living at the same address. For instance family membership fees are £240 per year. If two members of the same family or couple wish to train then the cost including RYA Level 1 training is £40 per person plus the family membership fee. So the total cost for RYA Level 1 Training for 2 new members of the same family (or couple) is £240 plus £40 plus £40 = £320. This is a saving of £180 over 2 single memberships. RYA Level 2 can be done later in the year for a further £40 per person.
Standard Pricing detailed below.

- RYA Dinghy Level 1 (members) £40

- RYA Dinghy Level 2 (members) £40

- RYA Dinghy Level 3 (members) £40

- RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 (members) £25 - includes logbook, handbook and certificate

- RYA Powerboat Level 1 and 2 (non-members) £180

- RYA Safety Boat Cert (members) £40

- RYA Safety Boat Cert (non-members) £180

- Logbook £6.50

- Handbook £6.50 

- Youth Sailing Scheme (members) £10 per day

- Advanced Dinghy Modules £40 (members)

- First Aid £30 (members) £40 (non-members) - includes handbook and certificate pack

Even considering membership fees the costs of doing RYA Level 1 at West Riding Sailing Club is extremely competitive with commercial enterprises.


Membership details can be found here

There are many benefits to joining West Riding Sailing Club including:

- 15 club boats you can borrow free of charge when the club is formally open

- A small selection of wetsuits and buoyancy aids to borrow free of charge

- Social events throughout the year (both sailing and non-sailling)

- Experienced sailors to provide advice and help after you have completed your training

- Introduction to racing sessions and races all year round (a wetsuit or drysuit must be worn between November and March for safety)

- Further coaching

We are very much a friendly sociable club at the heart of sailing in Yorkshire. We are not a commercial enterprise and as such you'll get that personal touch which will help improve your sailing skills in a way other places can't.

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