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Once you can sail, a great way of improving is to start racing. West Riding offers a friendly way to learn to race and you will be encouraged by the many sailors we have. We can offer a variety of courses to help you develop into a great sailor.

Intermediate and Advanced Modules
All two-day certificated courses, run subject to demand

Start Racing
A general introduction to starts, courses and tactics preparing you to join the Sunday scene at WRSC. Want to learn how the Olympians do it? Come along and join in the fun! This course is run by a Race Coach or Racing Instructor.

Sailing with Spinnakers
Now you’ve mastered the basics, why not introduce a third sail? Enjoy the art of downwind sailing. Can cover asymmetric and/or conventional kites (another name for spinnaker).

Performance Sailing
Feel the need for speed? Learn to sail a performance boat to best advantage with in-depth coaching on boat handling and sail controls. This course is taught by an Advanced Instructor. If you’re this confident, you should get out on the trapeze...

Seamanship Skills
Develop a problem-solving approach to traditional dinghy sailing, often in preparation for instructor training or as experience towards going further afield. Perfect your man overboard recovery, try reefing afloat and sail without a rudder, among other things.

The more you practice everything you learn the better you will get and then you can start to enjoy this sort of thing.

Get sailing - You'll love it!


If you have any questions then please contact us here.

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